“Young, newly married, and wanting an adventure, we moved to Guatemala where we’d spend our mornings sipping coffee on our balcony and days studying Spanish at a chocolatería. We wanted to bring these experiences to Tulsa.”

Hunter  and Anna Gambill


Why CoffeeChocolate, and Wine?

The origins of Gambill’s Coffee & Cacao began in 2010 after a failed attempt to start a winery in Oregon, where I learned to brew, make wine, and distill. We decided to move to Xela, Guatemala. Anna worked in schools and clinics. I studied Spanish and worked at brewpub. We’d spend our mornings on our balcony sipping coffee overlooking Parque Central and studying Spanish at a chocolate factory and café. That’s where I learned to roast and make chocolate. We wanted to bring these experiences with us to Tulsa, Anna's hometown.

Gambill Family Businesses

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